Our Company Values

We source, clean, restore, and resell vintage homewares

We also service and restore old guitars and other musical instruments. Breathing new life into old treasures is our passion. We love items that people have used and cherished. They have character and soul. They are part of somebody’s history.

A time before fast fashion

The 70's are our biggest inspiration

From the self-expression in interiors that came about in the form of bold, clashing colours and odd patterns, to the imperfect rock n’ roll played on noisy tube amplifiers and recorded on vinyl. A time before fast fashion.

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Golden Road Vintage Founder

Caity Watson

Golden Road Vintage is the love child of Caity; a volunteer firefighter, and Environmental Science student with a focus on sustainability. Caity is an experienced musician and bringing her musical roots along the Golden Road brings her joy.

“I love being able to pursue my passions; op-shopping, fashion, music, and homewares, while still being ethical and sustainable.”